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Redbull - Underwraps from Urb-Orbis on Vimeo.

A video produced way back when for RedBull as one of their first forays into skateboarding in the UK.
Using the camera skills of Dan Magee, Foxy and Stu Bently it was all shot in just one week featuring some pretty young faces on the then Blueprint team.
Some wild spots were hit up including a shipyard and the road tunnel in Glasgow which we shut down for a bottle of whisky.

RedBull XFighters from Matthias Zabiegly on Vimeo.

Edutainment animation where all the most important rules and regulations of RedBulls motobike acrobatics XFighters are explained.

This once again was done by AixSponza for Peter Clausen Film and RedBull. I did technical development for the whole rendering process which involved getting a lot of Massive simulations ready to be rendered under full GlobalIllumination. Additionally I was lighting artist for the stadium and did a bit of shading as well as smoke simulations.

"Tired" by Megan McShane from Megan McShane on Vimeo.

The tragic story of a spare tire who struggles to find a new purpose.

Created by Megan McShane:

Type by Greg Mako:
Music by Lichen:
Sound design and mix by Keith Ukrisna:

Official selection at Hamburg Animation Film Festival, Animation Block Party, and Blue Plum Animation Festival.

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All works Copyright 2014 Megan McShane

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